What happens when you’re too pregnant for the festival but your friends want you there…

Musical Adventures

Okeechobee Music & Arts festival recently held its third annual event and while the lineup was fantastic and I have loved my time at the first two editions of the festival I was unable to make it this year due to being 34 weeks pregnant and exhausted. However, my friends weren’t ready to leave me behind so here was the solution:


From the beginning…

Pregnancy + Birth

In order to follow the personal pregnancy and birth related parts of my story and really understand where I’m coming from, you should know what happened with my first two births and why I feel so strongly about education and birth justice. I’ll try to explain both situations here but it is very difficult for me to explain what really went wrong with my second birth without revisiting the trauma of the situation in a way that I’m not really comfortable with at this time. I will say though, that any negative feelings I have about that birth are a direct reflection on the specific provider who forced my second cesarean and not on the facility or anyone else involved.