23 Week Update (Its Been A While)

How has it been 17 weeks since I last updated!?

Yes, I’m 23 weeks as of yesterday, Wednesday, and a lot has happened in my care and plans for this pregnancy. Continue reading


6 Week Update

If you’re starting with this blog post that’s fine, you just might want to get some background info on some of what I’m talking about from THIS earlier post.

So I reached 6 weeks on Wednesday, August 16th and I’m really feeling that six week feeling. I’m super tired, super nauseous, and super irritable. Yesterday I spent 15+ minutes standing over my toilet dry heaving and feeling like I was about to black out. Continue reading


From the beginning…

In order to follow this story and really understand what’s going on with my family, you should know what happened with my first two births and why I feel so strongly about attempting a home vaginal birth after two unnecessary caesarean sections. I’ll try to explain both situations here but it is very difficult for me to explain what really went wrong with my second birth without revisiting the trauma of the situation in a way that I’m not really comfortable with at this time. I will say though, that any negative feelings I have about that birth are a direct reflection on the specific provider who forced my second cesarean and not on the facility or anyone else involved.

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